Currently taking sessions in:
Los Angeles Feb. 14th - 24th.
San Francisco Feb. 25th - Mar. 1st.

I offer sessions by advance arrangement only at Isabella Sinclaire's Ivy Manor in downtown Los Angeles.

CBT & NT ( a favorite!)
Corporal Punishment
Sensual Domination
Sensory Play
Role Play
Bondage (Rope and Device)
Foot and Body Worship
Latex and Leather
Electro Stimulation
*BDSM only- no sex, DON'T YOU DARE ASK!
* While I do occasionally engage in sexual acts on my websites, I do not engage in any form of sexual acts (including cock and ball biting, handjobs, sex, etc) in my sessions, nor do I take my clothes off.

I prefer to be contacted via email. Please email Me a brief, concise email about the type of session you are looking for. Preference will be given to those that are able to articulate their needs in an efficient manner. Long, drawn out emails will be discarded. My email address is

BLOCKED NUMBERS If you need to call Me, know that I am sporadically available by phone due to Our company's production schedule, and the fastest way to get ahold of Me is usually by email. Please be advised that calls from blocked numbers will not be accepted. To temporarily disable caller id blocking, dial *82 followed by the number you wish to call. My # is (213)400-1481