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So, hey, have you heard about this wild and crazy thing called Bitcoin? If you haven’t, you need to catch up. It’s the
future of global currency, and the future is now, or really, all last year up to this minute.

In a nutshell: Bitcoin is a global online crypto currency with an ever widening array of applications and ways to use it. Some of these methods to use/spend bitcoin are potentially as
anonymous as one might be able to be in their financial dealings in this day and age where Obama has perverted our 4th Amendment rights and the NSA has been raping our privacy and hoarding our communications (everything) and the world’s privacy, for years without repercussions. But I digress- that’s another discussion entirely.

If you’re already in the bitcoin game and onlin ecosystem, you may be happy to know that I do accept bitcoin as tribute for session time, as long as certain criteria are met and My instructions are followed exactly to the letter.

Feel free to inquire if interested.

If you got lost somewhere in that first
paragraph or two, here are some links to help educate yourself on what is looking to be a global financial game changer in 3, 2, …..

Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin