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Gotta love haters

Of all the pathological lying, drug addicted, totally psychotic dommes in the world, Penthouse picks Cunt Seraph?She is just disgusting… — Chillstar Ogresiah (@DungeonOgre) on twitter

It’s a High Heel “Thing”

People ask me about my “thing” for high heels. It’s not just that a pair of amazing heels are like miniature pieces of incredible architecture. It’s also not just that the higher the heels are the better my ass looks. :-). There’s a ton of different reasons I obsess over awesome heels. But the one
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Birthday Chastity Journal from m

A sweet chastity journal and note of affection from My sub m. “Dear Mistress January, Thank You again for a WONDERFUL birthday weekend!! My birthday, was far and away the best birthday I have ever had. I had such a great time with You in New Hope, PA, at my house and playing after wards.
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