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Bawdy Storytelling- The 7 Sexy Sins- Wrath

I was invited to represent Wrath at the Bawdy Storytelling event in SF The Seven Sexy Sins. Parts of the story are 100% true, others are not You be the judge.

From a sub of Mine

“Dear Mistress, I still can’t stop thinking of you since our first and only session last June. I read your January letter and I am glad you are now more settled and making the west coast your home. I am really wishing that I can have another session with you. But I don’t know when
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“It’s my birthmonth!” I’d exclaim happily or indignantly, depending on what this statement was in response to. “No, you get a day. A birthday. Everyone gets a day.” “Well I get a month. Everything is always more intense for me, so should my celebration of my own life be too.” When it came time to
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