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Sadistic Cunts

Once upon a time.. I started a FemDom video company with a (now) previous business partner. Our split was nasty, damaging, and took way to long to come to any sort of joint agreement on. By which point, I was already embroiled in some other nonsense, so My work continued to sit in a filing
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So, hey, have you heard about this wild and crazy thing called Bitcoin? If you haven’t, you need to catch up. It’s the future of global currency, and the future is now, or really, all last year up to this minute. In a nutshell: Bitcoin is a global online crypto currency with an ever widening
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I Have Enough Members in The Cult of January… For Now

I have enough established members The Cult of January at this time. If you are fortunate enough to already have met with Me, or have an ongoing email dialogue with Me, congratulations, you are already a member For the time being, I have decided I’m not accepting any new applicants for Domination sessions. Rather than
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