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13 Responses to Mistress January Contact Form

  1. Emmanuel Kanterakis says:

    Hello Mistress January,

    I just filled out the form above and thought I would write to follow it up and give you further infomation.

    I seek an attractive, dominant woman that will take the lead and guide me through an intense, erotic and kinky play session. I am seeking someone that I can completely submit to and totally let me guard down with, and you certainly seem to be the person to do it with, as you seem to be as much as a fetishist as you are a Domme.

    I am very straightforward, and totally not embarrassed to talk explicitly about my perversions and deviances.

    Here is an example of a fantasy I’ve been having that I’d love to play out in a session; a medical roleplay scene, where I’m a sick young patient being massaged in my underwear by a new nurse as part of a daily routine. Little do I know that my nurse is deranged and sadistic, and the massage starts pleasantly but becomes extremely deep tissue, to the point of painful. She is making me take wierd positions while massaging me painfully. When I shift she ties me into the positions. The nurse is soon pulling off my underwear to examine my genitals and anus, poking and prodding, pulling my testicles away from my body and squeezing them firmly. The exam reveals to her that I need a special kind of “therapy,” involving the insertion of successively larger and larger medical “instruments” into my anus while spanking/paddling my ass red. Soon she is putting steel sounding rods into my penis and giving me electrical shock therapy.

    The sadistic nurse explains that she has found evidence of a rare disease and that she will tell everyone if I tell anyone what she is doing to me. Bound to secrecy, I have no choice but to let the perverted nurse do as she pleases, as she starts to remove her shoes and feed me her sweaty, stinky feet. The room is hot, and she is sweating. Her feet smell as if they have been in shoes for days. After she’s forced me to lick both her salty feet clean, she then sits on my face in order to hold me down, smothering me and forcing me to smell her pungent asshole, while explaining to me that she is going to pee into my mouth and that I better take it all or she tell everyone about my condition. After forcing her pee down my throat, she begins to spit into my mouth, licking her pee droplets off my face, but finally showing sign of remorse, and talking to me reassuringly and comfortingly…………

    I would say that my most powerful fetish is scent play, especially sweaty armpits, a pungent asshole and sweaty, smelly feet (I’m thinking of feet that have been in shoes all day with no socks). I have an insatiable foot fetish and I am completely intoxicated by the scent of a woman “au naturale” during smothering, facesitting and ass worship.

    I’m certainly open to exploration. The kinkier the exploration, the better. In my life I’m a very normal guy and no one would ever think I was so sexually deviant, and I totally get off on the secrecy. It’s like a secret part of my life that I can escape to when I want. Otherwise I’m a very nice, trustworthy, respectful and discreet person.

    My schedule is flexible and I will go out of my way to accomodate yours when schedule a session. My preference is for an evening session.

    I hope to hear from you, Emmanuel

  2. Craig Heimann says:

    Thank you for making your self available! few people are hot as you are and that makes me nerves but that is the best part !

  3. Matt says:

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Ralph says:

    Look forward to serving you

  5. rob says:

    You are so beautiful, I want to submit the rest of my life to you. Please own me, I’m sure we can figure out at least a few ways my ass can benefit you.

  6. Jerry V. says:

    Looking forward to making an appointment in SF. Hope to hear from you!

  7. Tom C says:

    Hi January
    It’s been a long time coming, waiting for you to come to NYC. I’ve done sessions with some of your girlfriends from KINK.com, Isis Love, Chloe Camilla, and Dia Zerva. I’m usually an Ultimate Surrender kinda guy…you have to love round four. ut I’m looking for some new things to try with you. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Charlie says:

    Dear Mistress and Superior life form January:
    You are the hhottest most sexiest Domme I have ever seen. I can’t wait and would be thrilled to be helpless and have you over me!

  9. hi From Paris
    sorry my english is bad
    Hi contact for exchange of banner thank
    Maitresse Elsa

  10. Felipe Esparza says:

    Well I hope Ivan worship u

    • Felipe Esparza says:

      I want to worship u I want to be your slave your r a goddess I can lick your feet and ass for hours

  11. Felipe esparza says:

    U r the greatest your movies hypnotize me I would love to be in your films

  12. David says:

    I love to see you in that form-fitting purple outfit. It is absolutely stunning and perfect. Hoping to hear from you.

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