07/13/2012 “Often you appear like a sweet, innocent, beautiful model. But then, you actually are a creatively cruel
sadist, and other times you actually are a warm caretaker. I think there has never been someone like you, and there never will be again. You are unique.” -anonymous

06/15/2012 “Dear Mistress, I
just want you to know that I really enjoyed our session. It was my best ever. If I have the opportunity to come this way again, you can be sure I will call on you. You have indeed made me submit to you in the most pleasurable way. Many thanks.” -m

05/25/2012 “Hi, Mistress January. I just wanted to let you know that you have pretty much made life difficult for me. I mean, you are so gorgeous, so bright,
so in command that i pretty much cannot be otherwise satisfied until I worship and submit to you again. Did you really HAVE to be
so far away? Come back to NY soon! :) Hope all’s well.” -b

04/27/2012 “You are an amazing woman, beautiful, playful and fun.
Thank you for a wonderful hour tonight. It was so nice to meet you and have a chance to share an hour of fantasy and fun together. It is always terrific so be with someone who enjoys life as much as I do. I hope we can do it again really soon. Have a terrific day tomorrow and again thanks for the taste of heaven. Your new
friend.” -s

04/19/2012 “Morning, i just wanted to thank You for an amazing time. its hands down the best experience i have had. hope we can do it again some time :) ” -jt

03/20/2012 “In my quest to
experience all things sexual, I wanted to try a true BDSM session at least once. Watching some of the videos on Kink turns me on and it happened that one of the performers there also provides BDSM to mongers like me. I tried to contact January once earlier in the
year but didn’t get a reply. She is a busy girl. I tried a second time and got a prompt reply. When I got inside her playspace I admired the tools she had and also her leather and fishnet body. I
started to disrobe as I usually do, and January scolded me for my arrogance. She made it very clear that within the playspace I had to ask for permission. She commanded that I get on my hands and knees and spanked me. Then she sat on a chair and had me kiss her feet and legs up until her panties. While doing this she put a collar on me, as long as the collar was on I was hers to command. She tied my
wrists together and hooked me standing up. Then she whipped my ass
and back. Mistress January was also verbally dominating me, telling me I was
her toy and she needed to train me. It was a unique experience as she would alternate between playing gently and sensuosly with me, then being mean and abusing me. She put a blindfold on me so I couldn’t see what was happening, this is a favorite for her. It was an experience I won’t soon forget! Thank You, Mistress January.” -toy

03/17/2012 “Mistress January epitomizes “really hot kink”
which is exactly what I have been looking for. I originally saw her
in a “divine bitches” clip on then found her website and there’s tons of stuff on it. It was a dream come true to find a real pro Dom like January who is young & beautiful, it seems most are not. This was one of the stops on my 40th birthday week of debauchery and fantasy fulfillment that I had been planning for months. There was one video in particular that I saw with
Mistress January and another pro Dom on Divine Bitches that I really loved. So I contacted her through her website, referenced the video and asked if she had a friend to help fulfill this experience for me. She did. :-)
Bottom line is Mistress January will please anybody interested in hardcore bdsm to those interested in the lighter side of kink. I would personally call this a 10 experience. Just an incredible Fantasy come true. submissively Yours, Mistress
and friend. ” -chef

02/07/2012 “Contacted January thru her website and found her to be intelligent, engaging and charismatic — and very much not the overly harsh, unpleasant pro-domme type. In fact
she seems to reject that mold, preferring to be a perfectly upbeat
and always-smiling classy lady who just happens to have a very, very kinky side. Its jarring, but in a good way, when you compare her to the stereotype. From my standpoint January is a stunningly
beautiful and sensuous woman, who offers all you could want from a
BDSM experience, but has this extra layer of open-mindedness and
kink — but without the baggage of the ornery attitude — that adds
considerable breadth to your experience and is really irresistable.
She’s once in a lifetime in that respect and I recommend her
highly.”. -mc

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