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August- NY and More!

Greetings submissive, masochists, slaves, perverts, proverts, and anyone else who identifies as something else!
I’ve got lots of news to share with you! First, I am finally coming to New York this week! I arrive on Wednesday evening, and plan on leaving the following Tues (Sept 1-7), but if I’m having a ball, my dates might get extended.. I’ll be staying in Midtown Manhattan, so please reach out if you’d like to see Me while I’m in town.  Use the email for bookings.
Coming up, I plan on going to Kink in the Caribbean and as of yet, have no one going with Me. Would you like to be My submissive date for the week? If so, email Me, and I’ll let you know all that entails…
And maybe if you aren’t able to see Me right now, or have been missing Me fiercely, you’ll settle with an item that I once had right against My supple skin for you to amuse your self with in dirty ways?,userProfile/uid,5709
Or, if you just want to see more of Me, you can check out My recently relaunched site, to watch My personal evolution into the highly erotic Dominant that I am now, along with my passion for latex, bondage and bi or lesbian girls :-) Yesterday I shot with a hot Penthouse Pet from Nebraska, and did My best to corrupt her innocence.
For a little while, I had My booking assistant Miss S answering the phone and email for Me. Unfortunately, she has chosen to pursue other ventures at the moment, so I guess you’re stuck corresponding with Me :-) So please be patient if I have a slower response time than you might like, I am very, very busy lately.
For those of you in Los Angeles, or planning on visiting Me here soon, I no longer run The Ivy Manor. My time there was up and My mentor Isabella decided to close down permanently and move on with Her life pursuing other goals. I wish her the best, and will miss Her. BUT, that leaves the question, “Where is January conducting mischief out of now?. Well, I only moved a few blocks away, to a more luxe and elegant playspace that I think fits My own tastes a little better. You can find some pictures on .
Any of you into a little financial abuse? Well, I’m working on a site just for you… Here’s a teaser of what it’s all about:
“I am the girl your mother warned you about. I’m beautiful, seductive, and incredibly cruel. I recognize that money isn’t just money. It is your power, your identity, your self worth. And I intend to strip you of all those things. I want you at My mercy. Enter if you are ready to be My financial slave…”
And if that’s not your thing, just skip it :-)