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Kinky Indian Summer Greetings!

Greetings Fellow Pervs!

As Indian Summer in San Francisco is in full swing, I find myself wondering where the time went!

Well, there was that concussion (which I’ve finally gotten over entirely), then there was some fundraising for my friend Hollie Stevens, who’s undergoing a brave battle with breast cancer, then a war against the people behind, which later prompted me to cofound a non profit, with fellow adult industry veteran Nica Noelle, as sexy shoot for’s Divine Bitches and then I did the adult webmaster’s tour of Europe, stopping through Amsterdam, Prague, and London. Then NY, LA, Fort Lauderdale… and I’m finally home in SF :-) If you’re interested in any of those stories, they can be found on or on the blog here, over the past six months.

I’ve added a new feature to, which is a public calendar which specifies which cities I’m available in, and when.

For the moment I’m trying my hardest to stay in SF for a few weeks for two reasons: 1) Now that I’ve settled in, I’m looking forward to both solidifying some connections, and making some new connections with all of the wonderful kindred pervs that SF is home to! 2) so I can make better progress on building out my 3,000 sq ft playspace near Union Square, and so that I can focus on some upcoming sites I have in the works.. Specifically the FemDom and LezDom sites I’m hoping to be producing for by Thanksgiving, the New Year at the latest!

However, by the New Year, I have plans to tear through both New York and Los Angeles a few more times, so make sure to keep up with my travel dates!

In NY:

Sinnamon Love: A B*tch like none other,
with some serious skills to back up the attitude!

Adrianna Nicole: Flirtatious switch,
who specializes in Tease and Denial- emphasis on Denial for most :-)


As far as other things that may be of interest to you..

I’m aware that the world’s markets are crazy right now, as are our social and political climates. Rather than tell you that you can’t get your kink on, or lowering my rates, I’ve decided to find a solution that might benefit both of us.

There are, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis situations that I hire professionals from various trades and practices for. Everything from someone who’s a plumber or contractor to lawyers who specialise in IP and internet law. Then there’s the normal stuff that every woman considers just a part of life- girly maintenance, health care upkeep, accountants, etc.

If money is tight, or you’d just rather revert back to an era where the barter system seemed more palatable, think about what you’re skilled at and/or what you do as a profession, and see if it could somehow be something of use to me. (Please don’t bore me with sexual service offers.) Perhaps we can work out a way for you to have more fun, and me to get more done :-)

With Kink,
January Seraph

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