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It’s all “Worth It” for words like these..

Thank you tintin. You brightened my day :-)

“Hello January,

For me, reading Tweets is sort of a double edges sword…I’m thriving when something great is announced but I also immediately start worrying when reading something bad happening to you…simply because I genuinely care for you !!! The distance does not help either as it reinforces helplessness in difficult situation.

I thought it was an appropriate moment to tell you the reasons why I think the WORLD of you – even though I have told you so, many times, in the past…. but, I wanted to simply tell you againJ

When I first met you, I immediately recognized that I was facing an extraordinary individual but did not fully understood the many facets of your personality which made you so great. I also did not fully understood the ramifications and how future interactions with you would change my life forever - for the better.

I think we have an fantastic relationship. We have been equally good to each other in the last year. You are an outstanding friend and I will be there for you whenever you need me.

So WHY…. (And I suspect many others would agree with me)

You keep giving pleasures to others - You know what they say : Make love not war! I think throughout your career you have certainly live to that slogan! You have been providing innumerable moments of pleasures enjoyment, delight, joy bliss happiness and indelible memories to thousand of peoples where it be through your photoshoots, videos, blogs and sessions. You have this amazing capacity or gift to touch people and make them happy…You are a pleasure dispenser….when you think that some people on this Earth take pleasure in harming people and making bad things, you are the complete opposite

You are generous – Since the beginning you always have been extremely generous toward me on so many occasions. I fully appreciate the times that we have spent together. I have witness on so many occasion your BIG heart at work and the latest installment being Hollie Stevens. You care for others

You have surmounted big challenges – During our many conversations you have shared with me many personal events and difficult experiences that you have been through during your lifetime - addictions, violence. I admire you because you have met, tackled and surmounted these difficult challenges. Again I admire you, you are strong.

You are highly intelligent – What struck me when I met you is how you transpired intelligence of a higher rank. You are eloquent, witty, clever, creative, smart and geeky all at the same time. Yes, you are strikingly beautiful but your most sexiest attribute is your…BRAIN!

You write amazingly – It reflects your intelligence so much! Where it be on your blogs, opened letters or Tweets, they are so beautifully crafted and well thought off - I’m jealous of the way you write - I’m looking forward to one day read an essay or novel from you.

You are not perfect – I have flaws and so do you. You have never tried to hide your flaws from me or show me a fake personality. I love you the way you are… and I would not change anything about you

You are hip – You are cultivated. You love fashion as much as I do. You listen to cool music, you always make me discover new trends and you are on the cutting edge of technology….which make you the ultimate COOL chick!

You are loved - I love that you love and that you are being loved. This comforts me as you are not facing life alone. I’m so happy for you that you are being loved and that you have an amazing partner. I will always wish you happiness.

You always have good ideas - I think that is why you are going to succeed in Business. You are very creative and you come up with good plans. I believe in you and your ventures You have out of the box ideas and you come up with good suggestions all the times. One day, soon, many others will share my point of views on your ideas!

You inspire me – this is an amazing after effect of our relationship: YOU INSPIRE ME! Inspire to get out of my comfort zone, to come up with good ideas, to try new things, to be more positive, I love that I want to surpass myself when doing something for you….I could go on and on…..Not to many people during my life had this effect on me…count them on two or three fingers…

You helped me find myself – After a few years of soul searching, I finally discovered who I am. Meeting you unlocked many things for me such as I now understand that I am polyamorus…and found what I was searching all along during my midlife crisis: You, but mainly myself.

You love my White chocolat macademia cookies - It speaks for itself:-)

Well, I rest my case…. except, that I promise that I will still be there in a year, 10 years or 20 years…if you want me to - of courseJ….

Have a nice day!

A proud member of TEAM JANUARY :-)


I Maid him Do It ;-)

No, I didn’t spell “maid” wrong, it’s just a play on words :-) Actually, when I showed up to set this day, I saw the maid outift laid out with my name on it, but refused to put it on until I spoke with the director, Maitresse Madeline, to make sure no one had gotten confused and thought I was going to sub for one of the other sites, as I refuse to submit to anyone anymore. We had a good laugh when she arrived and she explained her vision of the maid flipping the script :-)

Crazy Nurse-capades with Jack Hammer - Divine Bitch January Seraph

This was shot a bit ago, but is still one of My favorite videos I’ve done during My tenure as a Divine Bitch.. jack hammer is a tough cookie, and I love a good challenge. There’s a certain energetic high I get from doing a really intense S & M scene with someone who wants to take as much as I can dish out, just to please Me. Thank you jack, for being of service!

But in addition to being an amazing kinky playmate, jack is also an amazing human being, and has been diagnosed with cancer, so I encourage you to support his recovery efforts

Medical Fundaising Made Simple