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Crazy Nurse-capades with Jack Hammer - Divine Bitch January Seraph

This was shot a bit ago, but is still one of My favorite videos I’ve done during My tenure as a Divine Bitch.. jack hammer is a tough cookie, and I love a good challenge. There’s a certain energetic high I get from doing a really intense S & M scene with someone who wants to take as much as I can dish out, just to please Me. Thank you jack, for being of service!

But in addition to being an amazing kinky playmate, jack is also an amazing human being, and has been diagnosed with cancer, so I encourage you to support his recovery efforts

Medical Fundaising Made Simple

Charity vs Christmas

I’m skipping Christmas this year, and instead donating to causes I support.  Please don’t send me presents, but support the causes I’ll be listing instead.  I’m fortunate already, and know that I’m loved.   I’d rather you love me by giving to someone who needs your support more :-)

Here are the causes I’ve already donated to, I hope you’ll check them out :

“To Write Love on Her Arms”
Give to those who battle the dark road of addiction, depression, and self harm..
“Nina Hartley”
Give to someone who’s paved the road for sexual exploration and freedom, and help pave her road to recovery…
“Under the Baobob Tree”
My friend Yo is involved with the following charity.   He’s really passionate about giving people in other countries some of the same things we take for granted on a day to day basis.
Please check them out as well, and remember how lucky we are, and how much we take for granted on a day to day basis.
The charity I’ve chosen to give to today is the American Youth Literacy Program.

Please donate as well:

*I’ll post more causes as I’m inspired by them.
Happy Holidays!