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One of My Favorite sub’s Reflections on Chastity

“Dear Mistress January,

Thank You!!! It was AWESOME being out of chastity last weekend!!!

When I went into chastity for You for the first time a year and a half ago, I thought that chastity was simply about denial of orgasm. I was working during the day and would wear the cage in the evening when I got home from work, and on weekends. Most of the time during the week, I was asleep while wearing the device. I was obedient and did not masturbate unless I was permitted to. It didn’t seem too difficult. After the last two months (plus) locked in the device 24/7, I now understand that I was very naive when it came to chastity. For me, orgasm denial is only a component of the overall chastity experience. As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, it has really shaped and modified my behaviors and taken control of my psyche. You have taught me a lot in the two years that I have known You.

I’ve been feeling a lot hornier than usual since I’ve been locked up 24/7. I think it’s a combination of lack of work related stress, more free time, the constant (though unpleasant) stimulation from the cage, and not knowing when (or if) I am going to be permitted to have my next orgasm. I no longer take my orgasms for granted…lol.

I was very excited two weeks ago when You gave me permission to cum, and then told me to go right back into the cage. My orgasm was only mediocre. In hindsight I think I subconsciously put pressure on myself for a great orgasm since I knew I was going right back into chastity, and didn’t know when I’d be allowed out again. Putting the cage on with an erection is very painful and very difficult. Putting the cage on right after an orgasm is a close second.

When You told me last Tuesday that I could come out of chastity for the weekend, I felt like a kid counting down the days until Christmas. I came out of chastity on Friday night. I was feeling very depressed on Friday night, so I didn’t masturbate until Saturday. I wanted to treat it as a very special occasion on Saturday. Two years ago in NYC, You gave me a pair of stockings that I keep in a zip bag. Like a well aged bottle of Scotch, I only bring them out for a few special occasions each year (Your Birthday/my birthday/Thanksgiving/Christmas). I had a very explosive orgasm (but not as good as NY). The day that You gave me the stockings, You made me **********. Until that day, I would have never imagined or believed that I would be able to ***********.

Later on Saturday I pulled the sock that You gave me a year and a half ago (when You first came to visit me in PA), from it’s zip bag. Like the stockings, it is also reserved for very special occasions. I had another great orgasm. On Sunday, I had my final orgasm out of chastity as I fondly reflected on Your recent visit, particularly the moments spent smothered under Your Perfect Ass after You took Your outer layer of latex off :-) It was the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be!!! It was great! My cage is filling up tight as I am typing this and thinking about it again…Damn!!!!

It was really AWESOME coming out of chastity for a few days. Thank You! The swelling and bruising went down, no pinches, jabs or scrapes from the lock. I didn’t have to feel conscious about the bulge in the front of my pants. On a few occasions I did forget and automatically sat down to pee even though I didn’t have the cage on. It was wonderful to be allowed to have orgasms over consecutive days (only thinking of You of course)!

I went back into chastity as instructed on Monday. Not a waking hour passes that I don’t think of You again, and You were even in one of my dreams one night last week. Once again, I am conscious of the bulge, pee sitting down, take baths, battle my strong urges and endure the trials of the cage 24/7. Chastity has once again taken over my psyche. I submit to You completely, body mind and soul. To me, You will always be Fetish Queen of the Universe, and Supreme Ruler of my Universe :-)


Respectfully and Submissively,

slave m

PS. Thank You for the text messages and e-mail. It helps to keep me encouraged and motivated when I am feeling weak. ”

** Parts of this email have been redacted for mutual privacy concerns :-)

Fan Mail

“Hi January,
Congratulations for all of your success. You are so sexy!!! I’m a fan. Maybe you could write your autobiography someday. Lots of people would like to read it. Would you please send me your fan mail address? I would love to get your autographed picture. I will send you a self addressed stamped envelope.Thank You. Cheers from H….. “