Monthly Archives: March 2010


Hello submissives, masochists, and fellow kinksters!
I hope this email finds you well.
It’s been a little while since I wrote you, I’ve had a TON going on!
First things first- The fun stuff that could involve you!
I’ve decided to let you in on who I am available to do double sessions with. The more advance notice you can give Me, the higher the likelihood that our schedules can mesh.
**BDSM Adult Star and Domina Aiden Starr is available to session with Me at My luxe playspace in Los Angeles, or occasionally in San Francisco at the playspace I use there. We both also love to travel!
**Lady Vima is a seductive sadist who is available with Me as well in Los Angeles.
In addition to both of these amazingly talented and sexy women, I have other players who are willing to participate in fulfilling your session requests, both Dominant and submissive, male and female.
Let Me know when you’d like to come out and play :-)
And now the other stuff, which is all about Me :-)
The month of January was fantastic, I’ve never had a better Birth Month! Many thanks to those of you who joined in My festivities and contributed to making it the BEST EVER! There were tons of scandals, latex cake sitting, cupcake sitting, designer shoes and boots, shopping celebrations, fabulous food, and most importantly, love and support from My friends and fans. My celebrations spanned Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Arizona, and after all of that, I was happily exhausted.
In addition to January being the best birth celebration ever, I had a few noteworthy events occur professionally as well. The first is that one of the last submissive video roles I ever performed was for Isabella Sinclaire’s Ivy Manor Slaves series, in the Dream Team, part 1. That title, along with The Portal: Steffy’s Rubber Adventure were both nominated for AVN awards, and The Dream Team WON Best BDSM release of 2009! I am so proud that My last hurrah in submission won such a prestigious accolade. The AVN awards and parties were out of this world fun, but… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas :-)
In January, February, and March I also rediscovered My love of snowboarding! If you couldn’t reach Me, it’s because I was busy dominating the mountain slopes!
In addition to celebrating and snowboarding, I’ve been conducting sessions, and performing in other companies productions, the most noteworthy being’s Divine Bitches is an amazing FemDom site run by Maitresse Madeline and Her outstanding crew of Bitches, which I am proud to be a part of. It’s different from other FemDom sites in that the story lines all lend to a bigger, hierarchical battle to the top struggle for the male subs. And the production value is outstanding compared to any other membership site. At the very least I encourage you to check out the previews, and see if it’s something you’d be interested in joining. has also been having Me Dominate some beautiful ladies on both and If you’re into beautiful girl on girl Domination and submission, they are great sites to check out.
Some of you have been asking Me about My current involvement in Smutty Productions, so I feel that perhaps I should explain My current relationship to Smutty Productions, to clarify any misunderstandings. In December, My business partner and I split ways. I am no longer involved with Smutty Productions or any of the sites in that network.
So if I’m not producing and starring in My former projects, what am I up to you may ask? Well, I’m putting together scripts, ideas and creative team members for My new upcoming projects. I’m going to start producing full length BDSM and fetish releases that have a sexual crossover component, with an emphasis on downloadable videos and limited hard copy releases. I’m also looking into hotel cable distribution avenues. I have a ton of ideas and some very talented people who will be working for Me, so I’m incredibly excited about My new ventures.
I’m also seeking investors in My new company. If you’ve ever dreamed of being part of the production process of creating high end BDSM and fetish videos, and want to contribute, let Me know. Details of the terms will be discussed privately, on an individual basis.
And, as always, I’m fulfilling BDSM and fetish fantasies, one session at a time.
With Kink,
Mistress January