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Dominatrix Dialogues #2

Entry # 2 in The Dominatrix Dialogues

After reading an interview I did regarding wishlists on Gram Ponante’s Blog , this exchange began…

Mistress January,
Wow! Someone actually offered a boob job? That’s very generous and I’m sure it was well intended. But surely you know that you’re attractive beyond words without one.
Hell, of course you know or you would never have come this far without disfiguring that gorgeous body.
Actually, what’s most attractive of all is that _ even immersed in a world where the mass pressure to take such a step must be most intense _ you’re strong enough, have a strong enough sense of yourself not to succumb.
That’s powerful. Breath-takingly powerful _ and devastatingly attractive.

January wrote:

Oh, I am so sorry to burst your bubble, but I 100% want a new rack LOL
I wanted to do it when I was 21, but one of the most beautiful women I knew who was in her mid to late thirties advised me to wait until I was at least 30, so that the tissue would be looser, and hence look more natural. I worked with her at a strip club for 6 months, and never knew that hers weren’t 100% natural. That’s what I wanted, so I waited ten years,

Ironically, now I”m too busy to take the time off to commit to having it done, so maybe it will be when I’m 40 that it actually happens :-)

I’d never want to be pointed out on the street as an adult performer, nor would I want a pair of bolt ons that could repel another human being if I body slammed them with the “girls”. But I would like to fill out some of my latex clothing a bit more.

And you’re right. I do have a strong sense of self. Strong enough to know it wouldn’t be a career move, or really about anyone but me, and what I’ve quietly wanted and waited patiently for for a decade :-)

Hope you’re having a great day.


Anonymous Wrote:

Mistress January,
Awww. Sorry to learn you feel any deficiency at all there.
But it’s your body, so you get to make the decisions about it. For any reasons you want.
Yours do sound somewhat artistic, more personal and less other-directed than those of most women who do it.
Funny that I guessed you didn’t need, or probably even want, the opinion of strangers and others. But I needed to be taught that applies equally to those who would urge you to lemming-like conformity and to those, like me, who think you sure don’t need to do this.
A very small thank-you for the lesson: See if you like the paintings of little-known George Ault, particularly “January Full Moon” and the five Russell’s Corners paintings in this new show:

Hope you are enjoying New York.


Anonymous wrote:

Your series of 4 am tweets on relationships were fascinating.
Know you’re a little busy raising hell in NYC, but it would be cool to hear more if you’re willing to share more.
Why that topic that night? Do you always get more thoughtful at 4am? What led you to some of these conclusions?
None of which is any of my business or anyone else’s if you’ve said all you want to. But you’ve piqued interest if you have the inclination or time to say more.

I’m always a night owl. :-)
I do think more then. I happen to be staying alone in NY, and alone time away from my normal environment always facilitates a different level of contemplation for me. Plus, various exes seem to be surfacing lately, and recent exes (I’m poly) don’t seem to “get it” when I say I’m done fighting, and have no need to ever fight with anyone, ever, that I’m romantically involved with. There is really no need. The “breakup then make up” cycle is immature and boring. And I’m happy in my primary relationship, so why invite anything additional that makes me unhappy?

I meant to respond to your assumption that I’ve ever felt inadequate about my breast size. I don’t. I love that I don’t have to wear a bra, I love the way they feel, I know they’re nice :-) I just happen to also love bigger boobs, and would like to experience having them myself. It’s obviously not on overwhelming desire if I’ve put it off for over ten years. I may never get to it honestly, as I have other goals that seem to keep taking priority. But the freedom to reinvent oneself whenever they want is something I whole heartedly subscribe to, and do at a moment’s notice.


Hi San Francisco :-)

Hi SF :-)

It’s good to be home. I officially moved here about a month ago, but I had no idea how exhausting, time consuming, and overwhelming that would be. Nor did I plan on it taking a month to get internet installed at my new office!

But, now that all of that is taken care of, I think I’m ready to come out and play. ;-)
My new studio is probably a few months away from truly being usable for kinky endeavors, but I still have access to some more than sufficient playspaces here in SF, and then I’m usually open to doing outcall sessions to upscale locations.

I’m super excited to be here, but I also haven’t gotten rid of my perpetual state of wanderlust, so know that I tend to skip in and out of town pretty frequently..

The same rules will apply here in SF as they do everywhere else- I have a scheduling fetish (really) so I never accept same day session requests, and I have a 2 hour minimum for new clients.  I encourage you to read more about my interests on

I look forward to meeting you :-)

With Kink,  January

Dominatrix January Seraph