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Hi San Francisco :-)

Hi SF :-)

It’s good to be home. I officially moved here about a month ago, but I had no idea how exhausting, time consuming, and overwhelming that would be. Nor did I plan on it taking a month to get internet installed at my new office!

But, now that all of that is taken care of, I think I’m ready to come out and play. ;-)
My new studio is probably a few months away from truly being usable for kinky endeavors, but I still have access to some more than sufficient playspaces here in SF, and then I’m usually open to doing outcall sessions to upscale locations.

I’m super excited to be here, but I also haven’t gotten rid of my perpetual state of wanderlust, so know that I tend to skip in and out of town pretty frequently..

The same rules will apply here in SF as they do everywhere else- I have a scheduling fetish (really) so I never accept same day session requests, and I have a 2 hour minimum for new clients.  I encourage you to read more about my interests on http://MistressJanuary.com/sessions.html

I look forward to meeting you :-)

With Kink,  January

Dominatrix January Seraph

Charity vs Christmas

I’m skipping Christmas this year, and instead donating to causes I support.  Please don’t send me presents, but support the causes I’ll be listing instead.  I’m fortunate already, and know that I’m loved.   I’d rather you love me by giving to someone who needs your support more :-)

Here are the causes I’ve already donated to, I hope you’ll check them out :

“To Write Love on Her Arms”
Give to those who battle the dark road of addiction, depression, and self harm..
“Nina Hartley”
Give to someone who’s paved the road for sexual exploration and freedom, and help pave her road to recovery…
“Under the Baobob Tree”
My friend Yo is involved with the following charity.   He’s really passionate about giving people in other countries some of the same things we take for granted on a day to day basis.
Please check them out as well, and remember how lucky we are, and how much we take for granted on a day to day basis.
The charity I’ve chosen to give to today is the American Youth Literacy Program.

Please donate as well:

*I’ll post more causes as I’m inspired by them.
Happy Holidays!

New York and Other News

Hello fellow pervs ;-)

I hope you’re well and enjoying your lives!

I’ve been busy busy busy, but for a pervy workaholic like Myself, that equates to pure bliss. The last couple of months I’ve only been accepting sessions in LA on a very limited basis while I shifted My focus to working on the investment offerings for My new company, Seraph Productions, and have been developing no less than 15 different high value pervy domains to support that production company once it is launched. Seraph Productions is slowly coming to life! Progress is a very fulfilling thing, however, lately I’ve been feeling frisky so I decided to come to NY with some friends to see what kind of mischief We could get Ourselves into!

I’m super excited to spend a week doing what I do best- psychodrama role play, BDSM, and fetish fantasy fulfillment. Even more excited that the friends I brought along from LA may be able to join us in our session, if it is something that interests you…

Taylor Tilden is a super sexy, sarcastic and witty adult performer who has appeared in Penthouse numerous times. I met her on set for JanuarySeraph.com, and while she bottomed to me that day, I decided she’ll make a much better Dominatrix than a submissive (much like Myself) and have decided to make her My protege and Domme in Training. She already excels at tease and denial, smothering, s/o, some CBT, and is learning day by day the other skills that are part of my craft. And she’s pretty good motivational eye candy to motivate yourself to push your limits, right?


**Additionally, I’ve brought along one of my personal favorite fucks, for any of you who are interested in the cuckolding fantasy :-)

So, if you’re in NY and feeling like you need to get your kink on, hit Me up at missjanuarys@gmail.com.
Alternatively, if you’re not in NY, and would like to plan ahead for a session in LA, I might be open to that as well.

Hope to see you soon!

With Kink,
Mistress January Seraph

PS! Have you checked out My blogs lately?