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Sex Toy Paradise for Women

Babeland Toys!

On a recent trip to NY, I finally got the opportunity to walk into a Babeland store. I was so impressed! You might even say I’m smitten with their company. So much so, that I’ve decided to become a product reviewer for them. So, stay tuned for some amazing sex toys I’m going to be gushing about, and in the meantime, go shop for a cause!

Shop Sex Toys to Fight for a Cure!

Shop for Sex Toys to Cure Cancer!

Since I recently relaunched this site, I figure I should let you in on when it updates, where you can find the most recent update, etc.

I update this site whenever the mood strikes me :-)

Because this is my personal site, and I do what I want, whenever I want :-)

The updates that I’ve shot most recently can be found on the front page of updates. BUT, since the old site didn’t focus much on videos, I have a TON of videos from the last few years I am still working through editing. Since I decided to chronologically order the updates roughly in line with when they were shot along my personal kinky journey, that means… Some of the latest updates are actually further back in the updates page :-)

Last weeks video updates feature myself and Isabella Sinclaire, but you’ll find them more towards the back of the site, because I was just a curious kinky slut when they were filmed. Back then, I’d let her do almost anything to me, as long as it was exciting and new :-)

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This week’s update features Myself and Penthouse Favorite Taylor Tilden..

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Currently, the following is the auto response set up on My email accounts:

“**This is an automated response**

Thanks for your email!
I’m primarily in Los Angeles until Dec, with a few short trips planned
here and there.

I’m shifting My focus from private sessions to the development of Seraph Productions and Her projects until January, so that I can finalize future plans and investment packages.

I’m still available on a limited basis for those I already know, and very selectively available for new clients who desire multiple hour sessions or exclusive travel arrangements.

Please check My site for current travel dates, and specifically for updates on what I’m up to :-)

With Kink,
January ”

So, what does working on Seraph Productions mean? It means I’m holed up in My cozy office, video editing, working with a fantastic programmer, killer designer, and My assistant Miz Bella Black. We’re furthering the development of sites I already have in place or am about to launch. We’re developing about 15 TLDs (top level domains) for their owner, and for future exposure for My projects. We’re working on the first comprehensive fetish and BDSM wikipedia. We’re developing a community site. We’re also putting together some valuable informative business resources for young women who were a lot like Me several years ago.
I’m finalizing My business model for upcoming feature BDSM and fetish video lines that will revolutionize the way in which BDSM and alternative sexuality is perceived, distributed and consumed, alongside with being a profitable company.
I’m also considering changing some professional Domination industry wide standards and practices. But that’s kind of a future goal, more relevant to when I start doing sessions more heavily again…. Which I will, don’t worry!
Interacting with other individuals in a private arena is one of the most fulfilling aspects of My life. I am honored to be given the trust of another individual, if only for short periods of time, to be invited into the most private parts of their fantasy life.
Part of what I have learned by being in the adult entertainment industry in some capacity since I was 19 is the seasonal nature of My work. In order to avoid having an aspect become stale, I shift My focus from time to time to other areas I’m interested in. I’m not by any means retiring from conducting private sessions- please don’t start rumors :-)

If we’ve already gotten acquainted, and you’d like to see Me in LA, just give Me as much advance notice as you can, so I can set aside some time for us.

I’ll be in NY Nov 11-16, and am looking forward to both making new friends, and seeing established friends. (For what it’s worth, that trip is already filling fast ;-) ) So let Me know if you’d like to arrange something during those dates.

In the meantime, I’m somewhat addicted to Twitter lately, and you can probably feel fairly connected if you create or have an account there, and care to listen to My twitter dialogue by requesting to follow Me. Though I warn you, there’s not a lot of filter between My brain and the output there…

Seraph Productions:

There’s also My YouTube Channel..
The January Seraph

My Deviant Art
January Seraph Deviant Art

And, of course, My first site

Hope to see you soon ;-)