Obviously, this is My blog.

As with most of My projects, it is constantly under construction and being updated.

Keep an eye out, I’ll be giving you pervs some video blogs from now on :-)

-Mistress January Seraph,

2 Responses to About

  1. john says:

    Please answer my question, Maam. What is your fav implement to spank and slap and whack a hard, erect and stiff cock. I would love for you to punish my cock with hard, sound spanks of the wooden spoon or paint stir stick, Maam. Also, do you enjoy having both your bottom cheeks worshipped and kissed??

    • january says:

      My favorite implement to use on a hard cock that needs to be beaten down is a tiny little bamboo switch, or the palm of My hand. I like to maintain eye contact as I beat a submissive’s cock into actually being limp and submissive to My desires :-)

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