FACT: 2/3 of all new clients are no shows. This is an industry wide statistic.
So, in order to not waste My time, and give YOU the most accurate assessment of My availability for your session, I now require a deposit to be made prior to securing your session time.

Now, don't freak out, it's only 1/2 of the total quoted session tribute, applicable towards the full amount. You can even reschedule once without incurring any change fees. And IF you really do have a reasonable emergency, I'll probably refund the deposit if you can't rebook. And IF you build a good relationship with Me, I'll probably drop the deposit policy with you for future sessions.

Paper trails? What paper trails? Here are the ways you can discreetly make your deposit without creating an obvious, IF ANY paper trail:

   1. Email Me an Amazon Gift Card (--- Click the link)
2. Contact Me directly about a direct electronic transfer to My discreetly named business banking account.
3. Contact Me directly for a discreet and extremely easy credit card transaction.

Do you really object? Fine, then donate the quoted deposit to an online charity of My choosing, and provide the receipt via email prior to our session. No one will fault you for supporting a charity, right? Innocent