I am a warm, playful, and sometimes sadistic Domina. While I will always respect your limits, I will encourage you to push them.. I want to take you somewhere new and exciting! I consider Myself not only a Dominatrix, but an Experience Designer as well.

I have been formally trained by fetish icon, Isabella Sinclaire. She is my mentor, and my friend.

I came into the fetish world by way of fetish modeling. From there, I got My first tastes of fetish and BDSM, and My interests grew from there. You may have seen Me on many popular BDSM sites in a submissive role. So you are aware, I NO LONGER SUB TO ANYONE. So don't ask.

I used to co-own and run a popular FemDom video production company. We shot fetish videos of many different varieties. I'm sure you've seen some of them scattered about the web :-)

All of the projects I'm currently involved in fall under the umbrella of Seraph OmniMedia, LLC

I'm currently working on launching a new production line, so stay tuned!