I am aware of the power that My attire holds and intend to leave you breathless from the moment you first lay eyes on Me.

My personal clothing fetishes include latex, leather, fine lingerie, heels and boots.

I have an extensive latex wardrobe. I love the feeling of slippery latex on my skin, and love the aura of kink that latex manufactures. There's something about the smell that just screams kinky, slick, and sophisticated. I have collected pieces from Syren, Madame S, Polymorphe, and Black Lickorish.

Leather is also a personal favorite of mine, it's a rougher experience than latex, but it's smell is equally unique, and brings a primal element to our session. I've picked up leather outfits from various designers over the years

Lingerie is...well, it's lingerie. It makes any woman more sensual just by wearing it, and leaves those who've seen her in it wanting more. My favorite brands are La Perla and Malizia.

I have a major addiction to gorgeous high heels, the higher the better, and an inclination towards high end designers. LaBoutin,Gucci, Dior, Moschino, and others.