I've decided that I am going to start hosting educational workshops from time to time at The Ivy Manor. Primarily, they will be geared towards those working in either the Professional Domination or Adult Industries, though if there is enough demand, I will look into hosting some workshops for the general public as well.

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Lochai's Beg-Intermediate Bondage For Pros, Dates TBD
Throwing Whips with The Whipmaster, Sir Nik Date TBD

To apply and secure your place in a workshop, email January@MistressJanuary.com


Beg-Intermediate Rope Bondage For Pros
Taught By Lochai, www.Kirinawa.com
Cost: $300, includes both days
Course Outline Below Photo

Although he's been part of & educating in the public kink scene for fourteen years, Lochai has been exploring kink and fetish since he was a six year old riding the school bus when he tied up his first "girlfriend". Since those humble beginnings, Lochai has built up an impressive resume not only as an award winning photographer, but also as a renowned bondage rigger, educator, and stalwart of the greater BDSM CommUNITY.

Pro Workshop Schedule

Sat & Sunday, Noon – 6pm

Each day will have 2 - 15 min breaks & 1 - ½ hour break
The class will be “All Hands” hands on meaning all participants will both tie & be tied. 1 on 1 attention during all aspects of learning & practice.
Dress for comfort, sweats, loose shirts & comfortable shoes/sneakers. Please also bring the dress shoes you wear during sessions for a 1 on 1 evaluation how to best rig while looking your best.


· Safety

· Stretching

· Skill share (Know what we know & want to know)

· The “why” of rope bondage

· Rope selection for desired effect

· Knots & basic ties (hands, arms, feet, chest & all other appendages)

· Tying the physically challenged

· Making the connection (and keeping the client)

· Bondage for Sex – Positions and situations to enhance the experience

· Practice, practice, practice


· Taking it to the next level - Semi suspension

· Combining ties & techniques

· Rope bag/toy bag (rope use other than rigging)

· Predicament bondage for fun

· Thinking outside the box

· Skill share (Knowing what we now know)

· Speed bondage drills (building confidence)

**Aspects of rope play that we will be covering:

Arm Binders
Artistic Aspects of Shibari
Bondage for Sex
Breast Bondage
Laughter in Rope
Predicament Bondage
Rope Bag / Toy Bag
Speed Bondage
The Performer's Mindset


Throwing Whips With The Whipmaster, Sir Nik
** Course info coming soon!!