Copyright Infringement

This is January. This is the second time I’ve written to you this year regarding a woman in the New York area using a stolen image of me as her own on her ad.

The image in question is the one only of legs, and a flogger being held in (my) hand. The photographer is Michael Helms, I’ve cc’d him on this contact. Here is a webarchive of the ad I’m pointing out…

Specifically this image. I just spoke with “Lady Sade” who basically told me to go fuck myself when I asked her nicely to remove the stolen image. Copyright infringement in the US is not a joke, specifically if the infringed upon image is used for commercial gain. The person who uses copyrighted images for their own commercial gain can be liable for $15000 per copyrighted image they use without permission.

Waiting.. By Michael Helms

I would like Eros to hand over this woman’s legal name and contact info so that I can forward it to my entertainment attorney,

I also respectfully ask that Eros bar this woman from using your services, since she has already proven to be less than credible or honest.

Thank you.

January Seraph

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