subs Have Vivid Imaginations!

On Nov 16, 2010, at 2:12 AM, KC wrote:

Mistress January,

I wrote you a poem as sign of devotion

I met the most awesome woman in LA
She made me do whatever she would say
I arrived in her dungeon and kneeled before her nude
She said I would do whatver she wanted depending on her mood
She started my shaving my cock and balls smooth and bare
She said slaves are not allowed to have hair
The CB6000 (chastity device) was slowly placed on me and I realized she had already won
The strap on was put around her waist and I knew I was done
I was tied up and at her mercy thinking my body had hit a mental wall
And she got out her cell phone and made a call
Minutes seemed like hours and a studly man arrived and took off his slacks
Mistress January told him to spoil her like a day shopping day at Sachs
He started with a condom on, but she took it off and threw it my way
She looked at me and said this must be your lucky day
I stupidly asked her why
She said because you are going to eat your first cream pie!
I was tied up and could only watch as someone else pleased her and soon he shot it all over her pussy lips
I was then told by her to clean her out or she would have me in a skirt working West Hollywood for tips
I had never tasted even my own cum so It just wasn’t me
But, I was quickly told no clean up means no chastity key!
He left and I thought my cock would finally be unlocked
Miss January said I think it’s time your world got rocked!
She asked me how far are you willing to go to be my full time pet?
Kurt, how much do you want to make my pussy dripping wet?
Your happiness is all that matter to me I said
She tied me to the bed, made a call and said good lets see how you well you give head!
I was thinking did she mean lick pussy to another chick?
She couldn’t have meant for me to suck dick?
My heart started racing and I she just had a smile
She said I have been waiting for this for a while
I said I am straight and this was not the plan
She replued, I thought you said you were my greatest fan?
I am Mistress, but do I have to suck a cock?
She said, yes and to put a twist on it you will be on the clock!
You have 15 minutes to make him squirt
If your time runs out It’s too bad for Kurt!
At that point, I will flip a coin and your devotion will take a toll
Heads, I shave your pretty little head bald and tails he takes your manhood away and fucks your virgin hole
The mind fuck is that I can call the coin toss however I see fit
Or ask you to choose and pick the opposite of it
If you are good, I may let you keep your hair
Or let two guys do you as I laugh without a care
If you are bad, You may lose your locks, you virginity and I may keep the key!
I guess if you want me, then you will have to come to LA and see!
If you are a good boy I won’t pimp you out for money
It’s time for you to make an appointment honey!

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  1. John Richards says:

    I think you should call his bluff and do the fantasy and shoot the video for your site, so we can all pay to see! I know me and my girl would like it.

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