Spiral Stitching Latex Enters THE BOX OF SHAME

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I’m a fairly tolerant person. Except when it comes to taking money that I’ve worked really hard to earn, and not delivering what was promised to me. In other words, PEOPLE WITH BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES SHOULD BE PUT IN THE BOX OF SHAME.

This week’s newest member to THE BOX OF SHAME is Spiral Stitching Latex

I was so enamored with her latex designs that I saw on Etsy, I managed to completely forget that she hadn’t sent me the skirt I ordered and paid for the first time, and I, during one of my late night Etsy sprees, unwittingly ordered it again, paid for it again, and was (again) never shipped the product I paid for.

The First Time:

The Second Time..grrrr:



Now, it’s almost 2011, and to date I have not received ANY response from my attempts to reach whoever pretends to run Spiral Stitching Latex in an email, a call, or a smoke sign on a mountain. UNTIL TODAY.. apparently it was my irate “Tag” I left on SS’s Model Mayhem Page in a very public way calling them (him? her?) out that deserved a response.. The tag has been deleted, and here is what SS had to say to me:

Now, NOTICE that it says the user has blocked me. That means that when I went to respond to this FIRST PIECE OF COMMUNICATION I’ve received from SS, I was unable.

So I went back to Etsy, and sent SS a message there that goes like this:

Well, it was nice to finally hear back from you on Model Mayhem, however I have never received a single email from you to any of my “real” email accounts, and when I tried to reply to your modelmayhem, I was unable since you blocked me. It’s fine. I’m just going to post a massive blog about your lack of communication skills and poor business practices, submit it around a few different places, and only remove my post once you’ve actually called or emailed me to arrange a complete refund with an appropriate apology.

*** *** ****
January [!at] MistressJanuary.com
www.JanuarySeraph.com ”

So, that’s all I have for this week’s addition to THE BOX OF SHAME. I’ll keep you posted.

Next week’s addition to THE BOX OF SHAME is David King, of CoyoteWhips.com…

With Kink, (and Vengeance)
January Seraph

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