A Follow Up on Ms Simone’s Dismissal, part 2

By the time “Simone” was referred to me, I was about at the end of my rope, and frazzled.

She represented herself to be a professional personal assistant, specifically geared towards catering to the unique needs that top level erotic industry professionals have. In fact, she was available to fly to Los Angeles to teach a hand selected newcomer to be my new assistant. Or, if I didn’t mind the distance and 3 hour time difference, she herself was available to fill the position…
She made promises of bringing integrity and dedication to this position.
I decided that her living in a different city with a different social circle than mine would actually be a strong point in our working relationship. And I offered her more money per week than she had asked for to ensure that despite having other clients, my business would always be a priority for her. I ran a background check, and with the exception of a traffic violation regarding expired tags, found nothing that stood out.
I drafted a very clear and precise job description that we went over via phone, and again in person a week later when we met in person in New York. She claimed she understood the importance of each task I had outlined, the reason it was important, and made a clear commitment to ensure she completed the workflow I had designed.
A few weeks into our arrangement, just prior to Christmas, she suddenly requested to be paid early because she hadn’t budgeted her Christmas shopping well. I was conflicted. Initially I didn’t cave and stuck with the agreed upon pay date. But then I felt bad, and wanted to make a good impression upon this person who claimed she was going to be the hero I needed right then. So I gave her a Christmas bonus. After Christmas I was working furiously towards upcoming deadlines, despite having a steadily worsening previous back injury that had returned.
I communicated with her the importance of what I was trying to finish, the hurdle I faced physically with my back injury, and the importance of the fact that I was relying on her to do the work she’d committed to.
On January 13th I was coming home from Las Vegas. The AVNs and InterNext Expo were over. My birthday and company launch party were over as well, even if somewhat stressfully. And I started checking in on the work that Simone was supposed to have been doing for the past three weeks, and to my dismay, I discovered she hadn’t actually been doing much of anything AT ALL other than accepting payment for work she had not delivered.

She had habitually been responding to my clients with curt one liners, if she responded at all.
I said that all emails needed to be responded to within 24-48 hours at the maximum. Far too often, she would start off emails to clients with, “I’m sorry for the delay” when she responded a week or more later.
I asked her that while I was unavailable for sessions, if she would please start building a new database of clients completed applications, both new and old (available in the email archive I had given her secure access to her previously). She only started filing new applications with her time.
I had asked initially that she follow up every session with a follow up query, asking if everything had gone as hoped for, and if there was anything else she could do for my clients. Upon searching, she had only sent out two of these types of emails in six weeks.

Initially, I emailed her and stated I was disturbed by her negligent work, and that we should speak the following day. She responded with a series of half assed justifications and excuses that infuriated me. I told her there was nothing to discuss, she was fired and to FedEx my work phone to me immediately. A day later, she let me know that she was in fact too busy “teaching” that week, and would mail my phone to me a week later when it was “convenient” for her.


You may have witnessed my extremely volatile public reaction. If not, lucky you.

Simone was the last person that I will ever have attempted to hire to assist me with my professional Domination career.
I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart if you’ve been at all impacted by Miss S, B, or Simone when attempting to secure time with me. I accept the blame of entrusting those who were clearly not worthy with a sensitive area of my work.

So, while my back finishes healing in the next month, I’m changing the game.

I truly believe the software I’m conceptualizing to be “The Last Assistant” (I’ll ever need) is going to make my experiences with employing half assed loafers worthwhile. And will streamline and enhance your future client experience.

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