The Missouri Sex Slave Case

I was recently contacted via email by a D. Allen Bush in relation to what is being called the “Missouri Sex Slave Case”.

Mistress January,

My name is Allen Bush, and I am an investigator with the Federal Public Defender for the Western District of Missouri in Kansas City, Mo. Our office represents a man named James Noel, who is charged, along with several other defendants, in a case entitled United States of America v. Ed Bagley, et al, case#10-00244-01/05-CR-W-DW, being prosecuted in the Western District of Missouri Federal District Court. This case has been referred to in the media as the “Missouri sex-slave case”, and heavily involves BDSM activities, and a slave/master relationship between the alleged victim and Ed Bagley. The other defendants, including our client, are accused as co-conspirators of Bagley in various alleged offenses such as sex trafficking, forced labor trafficking, use of an interstate facility to facilitate unlawful activity, and other offenses.

One of the challenges of our defense will be to educate a jury about the BDSM  and slave/master lifestyles, and to illustrate that these activities are much more mainstream than is commonly believed by those living here in the “bible belt” of the midwest. One of the ways we may be able to do this is thru an “expert witness”, someone who is involved in the lifestyle. I became aware of your involvement in the world of BDSM thru a video clip from G4tv with Candace Bailey, and I believe you may be able to provide us with the insight and experience to help us with our endeavor. I will be in the Los Angeles area during the week of January 24th interviewing other witnesses in our case, and I would very much like to speak with you that week if you have a few minutes available in which you could grant me an interview.  Please contact me as soon as is convenient by e-mail, or you may reach me by phone at #***-***-****. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


D. Allen Bush


Federal Public Defender”

After going online to determine more about the case he mentioned, I was, and still am horrified.   It’s been almost two and a half weeks now, and I’m still very bothered by the articles I read online surrounding this case. What was described in the indictment I found here: is horrific. These accusations are not merely BDSM activities that have been misconstrued or misinterpreted.  At the age of 16, or even 17, no one is able to consent to the things that that girl was subjected to.

Consent is the foundation for every aspect of BDSM practices and relationships.

Additionally, shooting animals, warping someone’s view of reality to believe that a “slave contract” is legally binding and coercing them to participate in private, and video taped or photographed sessions for the financial benefit of the dominant party is not representative of what my community supports or allows.

The concept of erotic slavery is a fantasy that is expressed via erotic or fantasy role play.  The length of that roleplay might be extensive, possibly even lasting for years.  But there is always a way to exit that roleplay, should it not be found rewarding for the submissive, or the dominant for that matter.  It is not supposed to actually  become an unescapable reality, especially for someone who does not have the capacity to give full consent.

I have a lot of personal feelings about this as well.  I personally am extremely uncomfortable engaging in BDSM activities with anyone under the age of 21.  I view BDSM as an evolved form of sexual expression, and as such, I  generally do not believe that a person under the age of 21 has really had enough time to truly come to understand themselves well enough to engage in such complicated social and sexual dynamics as BDSM requires.  I don’t think that individuals who are not legally allowed to drink should be able to give consent to something that could potentially damage them just as badly or worse than alcohol related incidents.

Having witnessed some lifestyle D/s relationships that were actually emotionally and/or physically abusive relationships hiding behind the guise of D/s, I feel particularly sympathetic for the female plaintiff.  With both very close friends and casual acquaintances, I’ve witnessed first hand how much psychological damage can be inflicted on a submissive individual by their dominant counterpart. I would even go so far as to say that malicious brain washing might be the most damaging technique I’ve seen used, as it seems to be one of the most enduring and difficult effects to recover from.  If a persons sense of self is negatively compromised or stripped entirely from them, and they no longer can perceive their inherent self worth, it is almost as if they have been murdered.

Any person who promotes another person as a commercial commodity in the sex industry for their own personal gain, IS A PIMP.  Now, granted, being a pimp is something that could be perceived as existing on a sliding continuum of being “good” or “bad”.  For instance, based on my simple definition, a porn agent or talent manager would be categorized as a pimp.  Which, I do feel is accurate.  However, the structure of that relationship doesn’t (shouldn’t) promote illegal acts, and (should be) a legally formed agreement between the talent and the agent that benefits both parties, and the talent is not coerced into agreeing to or adhering to, and enteres into with their fully informed consent.  So while I still categorize an adult talent agent as a “pimp”, I would qualify that statement by saying the adult talent agent is less of lecherous despicable pimp than Mr Bagley, and could even be perceived as a “good” pimp.

Regarding Mr Bagley’s co-conspirators, including the Mr James Noel that the defense attorney Allen Bush is representing:

To bear witness and be aware that someone is committing a crime such as this, and either remain silent or feign ignorance of the crime’s existence is just as bad of an offense as actively committing the crime itself.  So while Mr Bagley’s co-plaintiffs may seem to have a lighter load in terms of allegations, they are getting off easy if they are convicted of each and every count against them.

I personally do not believe that there is any legal punishment in this country that would make their sentences match the severity of their crimes.

I’ve emailed the prosecuting attorney and extended my support, and an offer to be of any sort of assistance I can should she feel it would help the case.

-January Seraph

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