My Hiatus From Sessions

I thought I’d just write a quick update on the status of my hiatus from sessions. 

Starting just prior to Christmas of 2010, an old lower back injury started to flare up.  Because I’m often obstinate, and believe I can will almost anything away, I didn’t tend to it immediately, & it got much much worse. 

About a month ago I decided to just state that I was on hiatus due to a back injury.  

It’s been two months since the onset, and while I am a TON better, I’m not 100% yet.  To be honest, when I look at my amazing collection of ridiculously high heels in my closet, I cringe.  There’s no way I should be wearing those yet.  Some days are good, but then some days aren’t.  And rather than make plans I might not be able to keep, I’m just going to say I’m holding off on accepting session requests yet.  

I’m hoping this next week will be the turning point where I’m able to say with confidence that I’m 100%.  But we’ll see what next week brings. 

I’ll be sure to send out a newsletter when I’m confident I’ve recovered, so make sure to join my announcement list so you can be one of the first to know.  


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