From an eager sub..

From an eager future sub :-)

Thank you for your responses to my emails.

Please know that today I spent the entire day watching your videos.  I was glued to my computer screen.  I think you are the most georgeous female and beautiful creature I have ever seen.  And that says a lot.  You could very well be my dream come true.  I hope this is the start of a long term mutually rewarding adventure for both of us.

I like what you have in store for me, all those things and more depending on time!!! I will be your willing toy.  Maybe one day I will be at the level of what I see in your videos.  For now, I am getting goose bumps thinking about it and not sure if I’m ready for this.  I’m really quite excited.

Thank you very much for your time!

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One Response to From an eager sub..

  1. Charlie says:

    Dear readers, I am the future sub described in the blog post. It’s now three days, not just one, that I have been watching her videos. I am so happy to be lucky and able to meetup and submit to her. Isn’t she simply the most beautiful georgeous Dominant female? And that voice is to die for. She appears to be my dream come true. No one in person has ever made me feel so powerless, helpless, melting like butter the way she does in her videos, and she and I will be meeting for teh first time next week. I’m so excited and very thankful she has time for me!!!!

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