Traits I Find Sexy in A submissive

One of my vanilla friends recently was asking me what on earth I found sexy about submissive men. Clearly, she “doesn’t get it”.

I tried to describe the physical and mental rush I get when engaging with a truly wonderful and fun submissive male. While I don’t think she’s convinced (yet) I do think that she’s a bit more open to it after I described the two traits I value most in a sub that I play with.

1. Honesty.

Not honesty as in I need to know every last detail down to his social security number, but honesty as in sharing with me his most hidden self, that no one else gets to even know exists. I love keeping delicious secrets, and sharing a special bond with someone that few (if any) other people are able to share.

2. A Willingness to Please

Now don’t jump the gun and start telling me how good you are with your tongue! That’s actually an instant turn off for me. I mean to please me with good manners, thoughtfulness, and service- be that domestic service, offering your body as a canvas, or participating in either my chosen debauchery of the moment or in one of my various projects.

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2 Responses to Traits I Find Sexy in A submissive

  1. BlakRabbit says:

    Glad to have you back mistress! :)

  2. Gary says:

    Mistress January,

    I am so sorry to learn of your accident but am very joyous that you have fully recovered. Do you mind me asking you some personal questions?


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