My New Apprentice

Introducing, Miss Jessica Darlington

Jessica will be doing an apprenticeship with Me over the next several months.  As part of her apprenticeship, she will be available for select sessions.    Please inquire with Me if you are interested in having her join us in session and would like to offer up your body as part of her curriculum.

About Miss Jessica Darlington:

Jessica realized her love for fetishes after her transitional phase from commercial to fetish model. A friend had casually recommended she check out some of the unique wardrobe for sale at a local sex shop before one of her shoots. Being the eclectic fashionista that she is, she hurried over to inspect this so called “rubber” for herself. When she first laid eyes on the shiny latex glistening in the store front window, she knew her life would never be the same. Her closet is now fully stocked with a fetishist’s dream consisting of custom latex, hordes of cuban heeled stockings, outlandish pvc attire and tons of leather separates. As her closet full of fetish gear continues to grow, so has her aspiration to harness her curiosity of BDSM.

From a young age, Jessica has been attracted to bondage, both mental and physical. She doesn’t necessarily require a rope to tie a man up in her desires, but she thinks its fun and kinky anyways. Life on the fringe, the tempting dark recesses of psychological mind control, and a personal quest through the world of sexual self expression have intertwined to lead Jessica here on her journey into Domination. She plans on expanding her knowledge of the tantalizing seductiveness of rubber in conjunction to exploiting others for her own personal sadistic pleasure.

Women taught her in her adolescence that “Beauty is pain” and now she plans on teaching all you boys the same.