Slave Training FAQ

Q: Do you ever take on submissive men who are looking for long term servitude or need to be trained in an ongoing fashion?

A: Sometimes. A lot of men *think* that relinquishing complete control of their lives to Me and becoming My slave sounds ideal, but when that fantasy begins to become a reality, they realize they are in way over their heads.

Q: Do you utilize a “Consensual Slavery Contract”?

A: With the individuals who complete an appropriate petitioning period, and that I choose to take on for long term training and servitude, I do utilize a contract. Each contract is specifically tailored for each individual. Just as no two people are alike, there is no “one size fits all” slave contract, at least not in My world.

Q: What if I’m not ready to commit to a long term contract?

A: Then don’t inquire about it silly. Request a session.

Q: Do you allow submissives to enter into shorter term contracts with You?

A: If I feel like it, yes. If the stars align correctly and I think that it would be beneficial to both parties, I do consider putting eager subbies under contract for periods of 24 hours at a time, a month at a time, or a year at a time. But again, every situation is different, so the criteria for which these arrangements are accepted is non standard.

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