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I Have Enough Members in The Cult of January… For Now

I have enough established members The Cult of January at this time. If you are fortunate enough to already have met with Me, or have an ongoing email dialogue with Me, congratulations, you are already a member :-)

For the time being, I have decided I’m not accepting any new applicants for Domination sessions. Rather than continue to try and expand the membership capacity of My cult of devotees, I’d like to keep it an exclusive club.

I’m of course still available for all of My established worshippers, masochists, fetishists, submissives, slaves, servants, pervy friends and confidants. I
would never let you down, pervs. ;-)

The only exceptions to this will be…

** If you intend to enter into contract with Me for a period of 24 hours or longer. Fill out My session request form, and additionally send an email to January at MistressJanuary.com with the subject line of “New slave Contract Request” from the same email you’ve listed in your form application.

** If I’m visiting a city other than SF, NY or LA. You needn’t do anything extra once you’ve properly filled out My session request form.

In the future, should a few of
My loyal devotees fall out of line and end up dismissed, or succumb
to some other ill fate, I’ll be sure to let you know here. But, for now at any rate, you’re either “in” or you’re not. My Cult is no longer in an open enrollment period.

If you do not already have an established friendship with Me, but you desperately need a recommendation of who to get your kink on with in various cities, feel free to send Me a tribute via My amazon wishlist and include
that info in a polite email along with your request to January at
MistressJanuary.com, with the subject line of “Recommendation Request from unknown”. If those instructions are not followed precisely, your email will be automatically filtered and not read.

With Kink, January

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