Birthday Chastity Journal from m

A sweet chastity journal and note of affection from My sub m.

“Dear Mistress January,

Thank You again for a WONDERFUL birthday weekend!! My birthday, was far and away the best birthday I have ever had. I had such a great time with You in New Hope, PA, at my house and playing after wards. You really rocked my world (even more than usual)!! When someone asks me what my favorite type of cake is, I will undoubtedly smile, blush a little and make up an answer :-) I will never enjoy cake more than I did that night. The next day, ****** asked me if we had any cake left over :-)

On Tuesday as I was still coming down from my birthday high, I took some time to stop and reflect on things. December 10, 2012 was definitely the best birthday that I ever had, but it also might have been the best day that I’ve ever had. I know it sounds extreme, and I was coming down from a major adrenalin rush, but I still feel that way today. I’ve had a good life, and there are more days behind me now than there are ahead. As I reflected on some of the better days that I’ve had throughout my life, I could not think of a day that I enjoyed more than my birthday spent with You :-)

On Wednesday, as I was feeling myself again, I was also feeling extremely horny. I masturbated four times on Wednesday. I don’t know that I have ever masturbated that many times in one day. I lied down on my sofa, closed my eyes and played back Monday night in my mind. By the fourth time, I was out of fluids and it actually hurt, but I still couldn’t stop masturbating.

Thank You for allowing me to be out of chastity for ten days. I have not been out of chastity for that long since the beginning of July. It was amazing! During the course of the next week, I masturbated to the pictures that You took and posted, and also to the pictures that You took for me on my iPhone. Every time that I masturbated it was good to great. I can no longer imagine masturbating thinking of anyone other than You. I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy.

Finally, last night I masturbated while sniffing Your sock and stockings that I save for special occasions. The subtle scent has long since gone, but knowing that they were on Your feet and legs still makes them incredibly special to me and creates instant arousal. I know that this is probably going to be the last time that I am allowed to masturbate in 2012, and I wanted it to be special, and a special ending to an incredible couple of weeks!

I went back into chastity this morning and the return of the old familiar pinches, physical discomfort and heightened awareness of the bulge in my pants. Mentally though, it was comforting to go back into chastity and surrender the control of my orgasms to You again. During a time in my life, where I feel like I am lacking control of my life, this is actually an area where I take comfort and find security in giving complete control to You. As I’ve mentioned before, there is nobody else in the world that I would give control of my orgasms to. I don’t know if there is anyone else that I can say this about, but from the moment I met You I trusted You completely. That feeling has only grown stronger, the more that I get to know You. I look forward to the day (actually maybe a few days later after I’ve healed) when I wear Your Seraph Wings with pride. They will be with me forever.

I am very lucky that You are my mistress. You have opened up my mind, body and soul to many new things and pushed my limits to where I never thought that I would be able to go. I am even luckier to call You my friend. There is nobody that I enjoy experiencing life with than You!!! Thank You :-)


m “